Investors can no longer be considered sustainable while only focusing on the E

3 December 2020 | 15:00 BST

The terms ‘ESG investing’, ‘impact investing’ and ‘sustainable investing’ are becoming increasingly thrown around in the world of finance but are they are not interchangeable and this can lead to confusion for investors. Whilst ESG investing is a responsibility, impact and sustainable investing can be considered strategies and what could be considered even more confusing is the relationship between the ‘E’ and the ‘S’ and ‘G’. Whilst ESG  is still not completely mainstream in the investment world, the environmental aspect of investments has become increasingly important in recent years and this trend has been accelerated by Covid-19. The pandemic has also shed light on social inequalities across the world and coupled with global race protests and the BLM movement, has resulted in an increased focus on the social aspect of investments. But is it really feasible to integrate the S? And what is even meant by S anyway?

Watch our industry leading speakers as they discuss and debate:

  • Detangling ESG, impact and sustainable investing

  • Exploring the convergence of the E and the S

  • Are asset managers well equipped to integrate the E and the S? Can this be measured and what is the incentive?

  • To what extent can investors ignore the S and still adhere to ESG best practices?

  • Will social aspects of investing become more important than environmental impacts, which have been the focus in recent years?

  • How straight forward is it to compare the environmental and social impacts of investments?

  • Whose responsibility is it to decide the weighting?