Ali Hauser

Ali Hauser

HAU-SER/Soluciones Estratégicas de Riesgo (former Kot/Pemex)

Over the past eleven years, Ali Hauser has led his professional career in diverse areas of PEMEX. Specifically, he spent three years in the commercial area of the company, working in petroleum product (diesel, kerosene and jet fuel) trading, where he had the opportunity to work with three Finance Directors in the Financial Assessment Areas.

Subsequently, he held the role of manager of non-productive assets, where he was responsible for selling products no longer of use to PEMEX. Since 2012 to date, he has held a dual role: PEMEX Risk and Insurance Manager and, simultaneously, General Manager of the PEMEX captive reinsurance company, Kot Insurance Company, AG, with registered address in Switzerland.

At the moment, Ali Hauser is working on a fundamental project: “creating an organization that is more solid in human capital, which adapts to changes and reacts timely to the challenges that the parent company will face”. Also, he adds “analyzing the Risk Administration strategy to ensure that it is consistent with structural changes derived from the Energy Reform that PEMEX is going to face”.

Ali Hauser will be speaking on the ‘RISK MANAGEMENT in MEXICO‘ panel at the 2019 Mexico Energy Assembly

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