Angela Ge

Angela Ge

Independent Advisor, and Former Director, New Ventures and Deputy Chief Economist, CNODC

Senior Engineer, Management Expertise
National University of Singapore, EMBA
Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Master’s Degree of Technical Economics

MS Aiji Ge has work experience of more than 30 years in the energy industry. Her academic background and expertise include industry technical, overseas project management, risk control, and business development. In recent years, MS Ge has played leading roles in many international merger and acquisition projects in upstream of Oil & Gas field, including Petro China's international acquisition projects which involve over 10 billion US dollars. In recent years, MS Ge starts to play pivotal roles in many domestic enterprises' overseas upstream exploration & development projects. With the help of MS Ge, there are quite a few domestic private companies successfully acquired high quality over upstream assets.



硕士     技术经济专业         北京化工大学

EMBA    亚太高层企业主管     新加坡国立大学