Belén Gallego

Belén Gallego

Co-founder & CEO of ATA Insights

Belén Gallego is a serial entrepreneur, the co-founder and CEO of ATA Insights, a lean strategic communications firm with significant renewable energy markets and technology knowledge. ATA Insights offers services in market research, marketing and communications for Latin America, Middle East, South Africa and Europe.

Belén is a renewable energy markets specialist, with significant expertise in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) & PV.  She specialises in trends, innovation, strategy, disruption and communications, particularly for the renewable energy industry.

Speaker, moderator and chair regularly featuring in global event such as TEDx, Bloomberg NEF, Intersolar, WFES, WETEX and also numerous specialized webinars.  Before joining ATA Renewables Belen Gallego was the Founder and CEO of CSP Today and PV Insider. She has worked in the renewable energy industry for 10+ years and has extensive experience in the US, Latin America, MENA, South Africa, India and European markets.

Belén is joining the 2020 Energy Council Webinar Debate Series. She will be debating on: A subsidy free renewable global industry is possible within 5 years  – FIND OUT MORE