Francisco Preusche

Francisco Preusche

Gerente de Proyectos de Energía y Minería, BICE

Prior to joining BICE, Francisco worked for three years at Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional, he also worked for 2 years as a Planning and Management Control Manager at Etiqueta Negra, and 7 years as a consultant at PIP and ALMADO S.R.L. (2-5 respectively) where he got to improve business across several industries (Mining, P&P, Waste-treatment, Consumer electronics, Fashion Production-Retail, and other).

Areas of expertise:
– Energy & Mining Opportunities ine Argentina
– Semi-Senior (and lower levels) Management coaching
– Managing change implementation (several industries)
– Business Modeling
– Warehouse, Retail stores' management, and production optimization


Francisco Preusche will be speaking on the Investment Opportunities Across O&G and Energy in the Southern Cone panel at the 2019 South America Assembly: Southern Edition 

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