Dr Kenneth Gerard Pereira

Dr Kenneth Gerard Pereira

Managing Director, Hibiscus Petroleum

Dr Kenneth Gerard Pereira, a Malaysian aged 57, has been the Managing Director of Hibiscus Petroleum since 13 September 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Engineering from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, a Masters in Business Administration from Cranfield University, United Kingdom and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of South Australia, Australia. His doctorate research topic was entitled “Start-up, Survival and Growth Strategic Actions of Initially Small Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies”.

Dr Kenneth has 27 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, both in the services and exploration and production sectors. He began his career with Schlumberger Overseas S.A.  in 1983 as a Field Service Engineer working in Brunei, Thailand, France, Libya, Italy, Norway and Tunisia. In 1990, he joined the Sapura Group, overseeing the service of telecommunication products and later, moved to the Group Corporate Planning Department.

In 1997, he was appointed as Vice President of Energy Sector Projects and initiated the building of the oil and gas services business of the company under the Sapura Energy Sendirian Berhad banner. Between 1997 and 2001, several service based businesses in the oil and  gas  value  chain were grown organically or acquired and by 2001, the annual revenue of the oil and gas service business of the Sapura Group was in excess of RM100 million. In 2003, the Sapura Group successfully acquired Crest Petroleum Berhad and he became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad (now part of SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad Group), an oil and gas services company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

In 2009, Dr Kenneth became Managing Director of Interlink Petroleum Ltd, an oil and gas exploration and production company listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange (2009 to 2011). In 2009, he was appointed to the board of STP Energy Pte Ltd, a privately held Singaporean company with offshore oil and gas exploration interests in New Zealand.

Dr Kenneth holds directorships in all of Hibiscus Petroleum’s subsidiaries and other various private companies.