Martin Mandarano

Martin Mandarano


Martín Mandarano is an electrical engineer (UTN), holds an Executive MBA (IAE) and postgraduate training in the Electricity Market (ITBA). He has more than 20 years of experience in leading energy companies, including Perez Companc, Petrobras and YPF, and has worked in a wide range of areas such as engineering of power electric systems, energy transport, power plants management, commercialization of gas and energy and business development. He joined YPF in 2011 to lead the Electrical Business Unit, became general manager of YPF Energia Eléctrica (now YPF Luz) in 2013 and as of March 2018, he is CEO of YPF Luz. Thanks to the diversity of functions performed, he has a comprehensive vision of the company and the industry, having led heterogeneous and multidisciplinary teams. For his experience, he is recognized as one of the leaders of the electricity market.

Specialties: Electricity Businesses, Gas Business Development, Energy and LPG, Marketing, Power Systems Analysis, Regulation of the Gas and Energy Markets.

Martin will be speaking on the Energy Transition Panel at the 2019 South America Assembly: Southern Edition.

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