Nacho Dorado González

Nacho Dorado González

Nacho Dorado González Estimation Manager, IDESA

He developed advanced skills as a mechanical engineer, mainly in the O&G sector. He started in a small company, exploring the chances of the FEA calculation method in 1999. He then joined Idesa in 2001, where he has been working for more than 17 years in pressure vessel calculations according to the ASME Code and other pressure vessel Codes (EN13445, GOST, PD5500…). He was in charge of the design activities related with pressure vessels manufactured by Idesa, including complete Code calculation, lifting analysis, seismic/wind design as well as shipping calculation. He can also do the thermal design of heat exchangers using HTRI / HTFS software.
He has a lot of experience in Coke Drum design, mainly in the cracking and bulging effects, being in charge of the implementation of the FEA method for the cone-skirt joint fatigue analysis.

He is also well experienced in FCC and FCK unit design because of his involvement in the mechanical design for several FCC projects and for the two large FCK projects manufactured by Idesa.During 2015 & 2016 he took part in the Idesa team that got the ASME Nuclear Stamps N & NPT for the manufacturing of pressure vessels for the nuclear industry.

In August 2017 he started to provide technical support to the Sales department.

In January 2018 he took over the management of the estimating department where he is currently working as the Estimating Manager and is involved in sales activities for IDESA.