Nicolas Petreanu

Nicolas Petreanu

Founder & CEO of Endriven

Nicolás Petreanu founded EnDriven in 2004, and has served as the company’s President and CEO since then. He has 20 years of experience in the Energy and Finance Industries. In addition, Nicolas serves as President and CEO of Gas Meridional, where he coordinates natural gas marketing, finance and risk management, and as President and CEO of C3Plus, where he focuses on contract management and business development. For the last 12 years Nicolas has maintained his focus on EnDriven’s corporate development and has led its EPC teams throughout the design, deployment and operational phases of the company’s industrial assets.

Nicolás has a deep-routed and publicly recognized entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to founding EnDriven, Nicolás co-founded and directed, an online business-to-business platform that was later acquired by Banco Santander. While at BtoBen, Nicolás managed the structuring and negotiation of several financing rounds for a total of over USD 45M. Prior to BtoBen, He managed the Southern Cone region for JP Morgan’s Emerging Markets Derivatives group in New York.Before joining JP Morgan, Nicolas was a Fixed Income Associate at Goldman Sachs & Co, also based in New York. He has been a visiting scientist at the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center in Connecticut.

Nicolás is an electrical engineer from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and holds Masters Degrees in both Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from Brown University in Rhode Island, where he was a Fellow of the Graduate School. He has been a researcher and lecturer at UBA’s School of Engineering Micro-computers’ Laboratory and Brown University’s Laboratory for the Engineering of Man Machine Systems.

Nicolás is speaking on the ‘Midstream Infrastructure in the Southern Cone' panel at the 2018 South America Energy Week