Olajumoke Ajayi

Olajumoke Ajayi

Managing Director, Sahara Energy Upstream

Olajumoke Ajayi holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Geophysics obtained from the University of Lagos; and a Bachelor of Technology in Applied Geophysics from the Federal University of Technology Akure.

Her infantile steps in the Oil & Gas Industry commenced in Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, where she was privileged to undergo tutelage under renowned and experienced professionals who were masters of their own fields and who spared nothing whilst providing guidance in her cultivation of resilience and excellence – a pre-requisite to achieving mastery in the Oil & Gas business – indeed in any life endeavor.

Olajumoke in her years of experience in the oil and gas industry has led various asset evaluation teams. She has worked extensively as seismic interpreter, supervised 3D Seismic acquisition & processing, and has been responsible for 2D/3D evaluation and portfolio management. She has successfully planned and drilled a number of wells in the course of her career.

After the brief stint with Mobil Producing Un-limited, She took up an appointment with Degeconek Nigeria Limited, an oil & gas service company. Her period in the organization was very eventful as availed her opportunities to work extensively with several oil producing and service companies, all of which were clients to whom she was seconded at different times on varied assignments, both within and outside Nigeria. So abundant was the exposure that she evaluated 22 out of the 24 marginal oil fields during the 2003 marginal fields bid round and 6 blocks out of the 2005 bid round. The extensive and intensive demand of her assignments made her acquire skills in various areas in the industry.

Following the above in sequence were spates in two other E&P Companies before her current place of sojourn.

Olajumoke’s experience in ‘Centrica Resources' (British Gas), though similar to what obtained in previous engagements further presented exciting adventures. It provided exposure to seismic acquisition and processing supervision. Being a British company with Head Office in the UK, her assignments facilitated wide international travels across board.

About 6 years ago, carried on the wings of job mobility, Olajumoke joined the services of Sahara Energy Fields Ltd. (SEFL); as the Exploration Manager and subsequently became the General Manager, Exploration in a spate of few years. She successfully designed and delivered Sahara Energy Field’s first three wells (1 exploration and 2 appraisal wells), resulting in the doubling of the company's reserves.

She is currently the Managing Director of Asharami Energy Ltd (the upstream company of Sahara Group), making her one of the foremost female Managing Directors in Nigerian upstream. She manages the day to day running of the company and is responsible for all the Company’s upstream assets both locally and internationally, spanning 3 countries.

Olajumoke is an active member of both the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist (NAPE) and American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

She was recently elected and has completed her tenure as the year 2014/2015 NAPE Vice President, thus becoming the 1st female NAPE Vice President of the association in its 40 years of existence. Prior to this, she had served as the NAPE Financial Secretary from year 2012 to 2014.

Her vision was and is still to be a foremost Geo-Scientist, an oracle, to be consulted on the reading and interpretation of oil and gas related sub-terrestrial activities. As she grows in the industry, she nurses a hope to be in a position to bring her knowledge of oil & Gas and relative administrative knowledge to bear at the Nigerian federal level in providing governance comparable to world's best practice. Olajumoke is highly resilient and loves challenges and loves challenges.

She is married to Foluso Akinmuyiwa Ajayi and they are blessed with three lovely children.