Tim Gould

Tim Gould

Head of Supply Division, World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency

Tim Gould designs and co-directs the World Energy Outlook series at the International Energy Agency, which is one of the world’s most authoritative sources for strategic insight on long-term energy and environmental trends. As Head of Division, he is responsible for the work on all aspects of energy supply as well as contributing to the Outlook as a principal author. As of 2018, he also oversees the Agency’s work on investment, including the World Energy Investment Report.

The World Energy Outlook offers projections for all regions, fuels and energy technologies under different scenarios, and considers their implications for energy markets, energy security and emissions. As part of this work, Tim Gould has led in-depth analysis of major oil and gas-exporting economies (2018) China (2017), Southeast Asia (2017 & 2019), Mexico (2016), India (2015), sub-Saharan Africa (2014 & 2019), Brazil (2013), Iraq (2012), Russia (2011) and the Caspian region (2010). He has also overseen work on the emissions intensity of oil and gas supply, the prospects for offshore energy, on social and environmental aspects of shale gas development and on investment risks in energy transitions.

Before joining the IEA in 2008, initially as a specialist on Russian and Caspian energy, he worked on European and Eurasian energy issues in Brussels and has ten years of experience in Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine. He graduated from Oxford University and has a post-graduate diploma from the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University.

Tim Gould, Head of Supply Division, World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency will be delivering a keynote address at the 2020 European Gas Conference, 27-29 January, Vienna.