The Department of Energy is responsible for ensuring exploration, development, processing, utilisation and management of South Africa's energy sources. As the country's economy continues to grow, energy is increasingly becoming a key focus.

Programme 1: Administration 
To provide strategic support and management services to the Ministry and the Department of Energy (DoE).

Programme 2: Energy Policy and Planning
To ensure evidence-based planning, policy setting and investment decisions in the energy sector to improve energy security through supply- and demand-side management options and increase competition through regulation.

Programme 3: Petroleum and Petroleum Products Regulation 
To manage the regulation of petroleum and petroleum products to ensure optimum and orderly functioning of the petroleum industry to achieve Government’s developmental goals.

Programme 4: Electrification and Energy Programme and Project Management
To manage, coordinate and monitor programmes and projects focused on access to energy.

Programme 5: Nuclear Energy 
To manage the South African nuclear energy industry and control nuclear material in terms of international obligations, nuclear legislation and policies to ensure the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Programme 6: Clean Energy
To manage and facilitate the development and implementation of clean and renewable energy initiatives as well as EEDSM.

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Website: www.energy.gov.za