ENH – Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos is the entity of the Mozambican State responsible for the research, prospection, production and commercialization of petroleum products and represents the State in oil operations.

Founded in 1981, ENH has adjusted its business structure to the needs of industry and the national and international market, establishing itself as a business group with competence to participate in all oil operations and in the respective phases of research, production, refining, transportation, storage and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including LNG and GTL inside and outside the country.

Our work, as an integrated group and through the partnerships we have established in recent years, has allowed us to guarantee our main activity, oPstream, with actions focused on the research, development and production of Oil and Gas with the main objective of increasing the probabilities of discovery in the research phase and optimize the recovery of resources in the production phase. At the dodownstream level, we continue the value chain of the hydrocarbon sector with the aim of diversifying and massifying gas use in Mozambique.

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