The ENN Group is a diversified group of companies whose mission is to establish modern energy systems and to improve people’s quality of life. With over twenty eight years of sustained business growth and expansion, ENN’s portfolio includes energy research, natural gas distribution, environmental waste treatment, the ubiquitous energy internet and business enterprises that directly enhance people’s lives such as health, culture, real-estate and eco-tourism. At present, ENN employs over 40,000 people across 120 subsidiaries worldwide and three of our subsidiaries are listed in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange Markets. . In 2016, ENN’s annual sales totaled $15.6 billion and with assets encompassing $19.0 billion. The ENN Energy Research Institute is ENN Group’s innovation engine and is committed to address future clean energy challenges. The Institute is accredited as the State Key Laboratory for Coal-based Low Carbon Energy and International Scientific and Technological Collaboration Base.  Within the last decade we have delivered exceptional results on coal-based low-carbon energy technologies and has built a cutting-edge platform in this industry: ·High-level industrialization: 30+ national-level research projects, 1,500+ patent applications. ·Stimulation of innovation: million-RMB initial funds, flexible allocation of resources, high-tech alliance cooperation platform. ·Reinforced research teams: 100+scientists with overseas backgrounds, 15 experts in the 1000-talent plan(千人计划), 2 international tenured professors. As we continue to expand scientific frontiers and achieve technological breakthroughs in material science, carbon-free energy (nuclear fusion, hydrogen fuel cell and electrochemical CO2 conversion) and information-energy integration, our hope is to generate clean, sustainable global energy options for the 21st century and beyond.

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Website: www.enn.cn