Company Profile

Company Profile

EUSTREAM – Slovak gas transmission system operator which transports natural gas across Slovakia to European markets, is a modern company with a longstanding tradition and extensive experience in the transmission of natural gas. Our transmission system comprises a reliable segment of the international transmission network and is one of the most important transmission routes for natural gas to Europe.

The EUSTREAM transmission system is connected with transmission routes to Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. EUSTREAM has transported more than 2.5 trillion cubic metres of natural gas since 1972, successfully building on almost 50 years of tradition in international natural gas transmission.

EUSTREAM pursues the gas transmission on an Entry – Exit principle. Transparent and non-discriminate access to the Slovak transmission network, in full compliance with European and Slovak gas industry legislation, is assured for network users – shippers as well as for gas traders.

EUSTREAM is the operator of the large-scale high-pressure transmission network comprising four or five parallel pipelines. The output required for the smooth flow of gas is facilitated by four compressor stations.

EUSTREAM is working on extending and strengthening the European gas infrastructure and diversification of natural gas transmission routes. EUSTREAM is building up and planning new international pipeline connections with links to the transmission routes of other European countries.

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