HOT is a leading E&P reservoir consultancy and learning & development organisation. Three decades of E&P reservoir consulting experience have honed our capability to provide advanced and integrated sedimentological, geological, geophysical, petrophysical, as well as reservoir & production engineering technology. Our special areas of expertise are the development of seismically consistent, high-resolution 3D static and dynamic reservoir models, pioneering Microfluidic Solutions (rock-on-a-chip technology), microscopic analysis of core and cuttings (MACC) and computer assisted history matching (SenEx). Our pioneering microfluidic solutions provide unmatched IOR / EOR process visualisation and screening that help companies reduce their operating expenditures and increase the probability of successfully implementing complex IOR / EOR field applications. SenEx, our next-generation software revolutionises computer assisted history matching in terms of quality, speed and cost and delivers unequalled performance when dealing with mature fields. It reduces turnaround time, saves manpower and licensing costs and mitigates risk as investments are based on better reservoir models. In addition, our strong commitment to further education, multidisciplinary programs, multinational team of instructors and state-of-the-art course material has made us an established provider of cutting-edge training and knowledge transfer services, covering all stages of the E&P value chain.

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