IFP Training, a subsidiary of the IFP group, was founded in 1975 to develop the skills of professionals  in the Oil & Gas industry.

Today, we offer training in fields as varied as Exploration & Production, Refining and Petrochemicals, the powertrain industry, energy transition, or economics and energy management.

Each year, more than 15,000 professionals from 80 countries are trained through 1,400 training sessions.

IFP Training offers a large range of services:

  • In-House and Public training courses from short, few-day courses to long, several-month integrated courses.
  • Master Degree and Graduate Diploma programs in partnership with IFP School.
  • Certification Programs that formally validate professional know-how at international standards.
  • A global Accreditation approach, which includes 3 levels:
  • Training center Accreditation,
  • Training program/pedagogy Accreditation,
  • Site trainers/Course lecturers Accreditation.
  • Training design and consulting for Ministries of Energy, and International/National Oil & Gas companies or International Institutions.
  • Competency management solution.

IFP Training’s solutions (ISO 9001 certified), which combine technical expertise and educational innovation, are recognized by the satisfaction and trust of customers all around the world.

Company Address:

232 Avenue Napoléon Bonaparte


Tel: 0033 1 41 39 12 12

Website: www.ifptraining.com