Mazarine Energy concentrates on areas that have attracted limited interest of the oil majors and traditional independents. Opportunities in these areas can be relatively small scale, technically challenging or geographically remote. We see promise in such regions when they provide relatively low-risk conventional prospects with additional unconventional resource potential; easy access to processing and export infrastructure; and favourable taxation and legislation. When these conditions are met, new initiatives can unlock additional new prospect types at these locations, leading to significant reserve additions within a relatively short time frame. Proximity to markets and access to infrastructure allow discoveries, even smaller ones, to deliver high value and rapid development. Mazarine Energy works with reliable, well financed and proven partners to build a balanced portfolio of projects at various stages of development from exploration through to production. We believe that in today’s energy business, maximum value can best be achieved through thoughtful partnering. At Mazarine Energy, we carefully select industry peers and other JV partners to increase access to technical and operational excellence and investment opportunities. We will source all of Mazarine Energy’s investments directly, avoiding auctions where possible. In all that we do, we aim to serve as a responsible operator and proud partner of choice, maintaining the highest levels of personal integrity, safety and environmentally responsible practice. Mazarine Energy is a 4P company: people (health & safety), planet (environment), pneuma (spirit &integrity) and profit (financial performance).

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Contact Information

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