PLS was started in 1987 to adapt the real estate industry's highly effective MLS (multiple listing service) for the oil and gas industry. The firm takes its name from the simple concept of a “Petroleum Listing Service”​ but PLS has since expanded to provide operators and investors the information, marketing and advisory services they need to better manage their portfolios and facilitate profitable transactions. To that end, PLS publishes various listings, news and research reports; offers proprietary databases; hosts prospect and property expos; brokers and direct markets properties, prospects, overrides and midstream assets for sellers seeking additional services; and provides advisory and consulting services on an as needed or project basis. PLS has experienced consistent growth since its inception acquiring Production Exchange (1989); Dwight's Petroleum Registry (1990); DivestPro Energy Partners (2004) and Wellspring Energy Advisors (2006). In early 2014, PLS acquired two international databases: EPNews (now called Petrowire) and OpFinder (a global international database of worldwide license rounds and concessions). In total, over 2,000 independent companies and their 10,000+ professionals subscribe to one or more of PLS Core Reports, Regional Reports or Premium and Proprietary Databases. In addition, PLS divestment arm is one of the largest handlers of oil and gas asset sales in the mid to under market. Overall, PLS has handled over 900 projects worth an aggregate of $5.0 billion while its advisory arm has done over $1.0 billion in deals and continues to support clients in sourcing new opportunities and capital markets.

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Contact Information


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