VdA Legal Partners stands for all lawyers and independent law firms associated with Vieira de Almeida for the provision of integrated legal services in both Portuguese-speaking and French-speaking Africa, and Timor-Leste.

Through VdA Legal Partners, clients have access to a team of 270 lawyers across 12 jurisdictions, who deliver consistent quality of service and sectorial coverage.

We offer a unique combination of world class know-how and in-depth knowledge of each local situation. Each file entrusted to us is assigned to teams comprised of lawyers specializing in the relevant sector and lawyers residing in the relevant jurisdiction, who can effectively follow-up on the matter locally.

We are one team: our lawyers consistently work together regardless of their physical location and are subject to regular rotation, which maximizes proximity and reciprocal knowledge of the various realities and uniform, continued training.

We consolidate our international presence through privileged relationships with the most reputed law firms in Europe, America – particularly Brazil -, Asia and Africa.